The Athlete Story aims to provide insight into the world of sports and the lives of athletes by providing first-hand experiences from college and professional athletes involving the defining moments and the special emotions in their lives in sports.

Crazy things happen on the field and amazing moments take place in the 10,000 hours before we get to the bright lights. We thought it might be fun to tell you about them. 

There is no reason for the site except that I thought it was cool. I had a class in college where the professor told us to add a little value to the world if we ever could. I've often thought that people would enjoy hearing first-hand from the athletes they see on TV. Those are the heroes that we admire, and it would be interesting to get a glimpse into their thoughts. On top of that, I've found that some athletes enjoy writing. It seemed like a good opportunity to bring the two together. 

Writing is a horribly scary experience. It's exhilirating every time an athlete offers to put himself out there and write something for the world to see. They open themselves for the world to judge, in a field that they aren't the expert. They just go for it, and for that I thank the people that have contributed a piece.

Every athlete- college or professional- is welcome to write a story.  If you are an athlete and enjoy writing or feel you have a cool story to tell, email me. I want to give athletes a chance to tell their story, and give fans an opporunity to get a chance into the humans underneath the jersey.

I hope you enjoy.

Bobby Warshaw

Founder, Chairman, Editor-in-Chief

Matt Pyzdrowski 

President, Senior Editor