Professional players on what’s really happening on the field and in the locker room

The Play Podcast

Field-level commentary from people who have been there. Hosted by MLS and European veteran, Bobby Warshaw.

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Reviews on iTunes: 

"This is the first podcast I've ever reviewed. IT's that good. Great insight to what is likely going through the PRO's mind when on the pitch. Top shelf stuff."  - Bobdhrh

"Love this podcast. There are many podcasts out there talking about all the stats and goals that happened over the weekend. This podcast dives deep into specific topics which I always wanted to know."  - Chancelor_pele

"The Play has gone from being my favorite soccer podcast to my favorite podcast, period. Incredibly insightful and candid. Wide variety of topics presented from the insiders point of view. I always learn something and I always end up saving episodes for re-listen with my kids. Great variety of guests but Bobby Warshaw as the host, with his willingness to share his gift for self-reflection, is what makes the show work."  - janoll

Of the 40 reviews, 39 are 5-stars and one is 1-star. But it only seems to fair to give you the negative review if I'm going to give you the complimentary stuff:

"Some of the episodes are interesting, but so many others are unsatisfactory."  - Called by God

But to end with a couple good ones...

"Insightful perspectives you won't find everywhere else. Get in."  - GarmanFam

"I listen to about 10 soccer-related podcasts a week and The Play is my favorite."  -TetsToy

"Pro soccer players talk about tactics, mental abilities and professionalism. Guaranteed listen every week for me."  - Gytono 

(Thanks to everyone that has reviewed the show. It really means a lot.)