Earth Day!

It's Earth Day, so I want to share a thought. The environment is fucked and the future will look different than the present because of it. Weather patterns will be different, coastlines will be gone, and food supplies will be skewed. We all contributed, knowingly or not, and I decided a few years ago that I wanted to do something to make up for it. In lieu of forfeiting everything, I decided four years ago to stop eating land animals. There are other reasons to stop eating meat, but I made mine to decrease my negative impact on the environment. 

The food production process of making food from cows, pigs, and chickens has negative consequences on the Earth. The methane from the poop, the fertilizers used to produce the feed, and the tree clearing to create grazing space all take a toll. I'm not here to convince you of those things; at this point you either know it and believe it or you don't. Rather, I want to mention how easy it's been to stop eating meat. 

When I mention it, everyone says "I really like that I idea but I could never do it." I don't correct them - to each his own. But for what it's worth, in case you are reading this, giving up meat was the easier major life decision I've ever made. 

It goes like this: you just stop doing it. You'll never be at a loss for what to eat or cook. Every restaurant has an option that doesn't include land animals. There are gazillions of incredibly good recipes that don't involve meat. You eat just as many things and just as many delicious meals as before you made the change. Yes, you miss out on some things you used to love. I loved cheeseburgers and miss them. But I've learned dozens of incredible new meals that I never would have. And it turns out that there are some pretty good non-meat burger options. 

Quite simply, you go from being a person who eats meat to a person who doesn't, and you feel a little better about who you are as a person and your contribution to society. Just as long as you aren't a tool about it and bring it up in every conversation (only the occasional blog post).

Anyway, if you've been wanting to do something for the environment, or wanting to do something with your diet, it's not that hard. I promise. I'm weak at almost everything in life but this has been simple. Just make the decision and do it.