My writing life can be split into two time periods — before joining MLS full time in 2018 and after.

2018 and 2019

All of them

The best one: Chris Wondolowski on the precipice of MLS immortality

Before 2018 


"Reading Deadspin? Allow a former MLS player to convince you otherwise"

"Why Soccer Tactics Matter: A Player Explains"

"USMNT's Kyle Beckerman: The Best Fouler I Ever Faced"

"Why MLS May Be Headed for a Work Stoppage"

"No One Understand Socce'rs Rules, And That's a Problem"


FourFourTwo USA

Choosing sides in Tel Aviv

Young and naive:How the rigors of experience can stunt wunderkids

How fullbacks exemplify USWNT's tactical, stylistic evolution since World Cup

"I want to build an empire": How Gunn made Stanford into a superpower

It's mental! How to end a long losing streak and break the cycle of self-pity


Fox Soccer

Klinsmann must find proper balance for USA to reach next level

Emotion clouds judgement on Louis van Gaal's future

What is it like to play in an MLS Cup?


Howler Magazine

Find a common bond of soccer and celebrations in the Zaatari refugee camp

Learning to live with and without soccer

Dos a sorrow: the fact that Jurgen Klinsmann still has a job makes me sad

Finding a glimpse of encouragement in the US’s loss to Costa Rica

MLS needs to hold itself to a higher standard on concussion protocol

Why Pep Guardiola's teams will never be as good as his Barca

The real value of the MLS Draft

The relief and regret players feeling after a coach gets fired

Wayne Rooney is being weighed down by the captain's armband

Player's Perspective: ex-MLSer Bobby Warshaw on the relationship between players and the media

Player's Perspective: ex-MLSer Bobby Warshaw on the promise and peril of moving to Europe

Player's Perspective: Wanna succeed in MLS? Wins come from within

Player's Perspective: ex-MLSer Bobby Warshaw on the human importance of Landon Donovan

Player's Perspective: ex-MLSer Bobby Warshaw on what rivalries mean to players

Player's Perspective: Should you play the ball out for an injured opponent?

Talent only goes so far; what young players need to become good pros

Here's how players survive the cold at MLS Cup 2016

Rivalries are a different experience in Texas

Bruce Arena finds the right balance as US stymie Mexico at Azteca

US National Team matches are fun to watch again

Why the referee did the right thing to show Kaka a red card

Make no mistake about it - soccer is a coach's game (9/14/2017)

Sporting KC's recipe for success? The brilliance of Peter Vermes (9/21/2017)

The US national team under pressure like never before (10/05/2017)

US national teams beware - Arena's team still has plenty of work to do (10/10/2017)

The World Cup is gone; now American soccer needs us more than ever (10/10/2017)

They say playoff games are unlike any other - you have no idea (11/15/2017)

Should you team be practicing penalty kicks during the playoffs? (11/2/2017)

The Harrisburg Patriot News

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Find What You Love

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Don't Ask

Be Fast

We Talkin' 'Bout Practice

The Great Elixir

The Right Coach at the Right Time

Landon Donovan, being athlete, being human

An Ode to Spain

Thank You

The Fake Cover Letter

The Beauty of a Hard Goodbye



Michael Bradley's success is built on the mastery of his emotions

How can the U.S. beat Germany and then struggle against Panama and Haiti?

Becky Sauerbrunn is why everyone should take notice of soccer's no stats All-Stars

Understanding the European players' mindset is key to understanding Kilnsmann

What do we mean when we talk about style?

Why it's so hard for foreign players to adjust to Major League Soccer

Don't Blame Michael Bradley

The Play the Changed Spain vs. Holland

Breaking Down Italy's First Goal

How DeAndre Yedlin Helped- and Hurt- the US against Belgium

The Draft

In the 1st person: Bobby Warshaw on Newtown shooting


Stanford's Home of Champions

The Other Kind of Championship